Testing your character movement (Part 1)

September 8, 2011

Here comes the part you are to control your character. After you have done creating your main character movement, the layout on the main time line would look like in Figure 7.1.
Figure 7.1

In this part, I don't put my preloader in there since it is not needed now. If we take a look at frame 1, we can see that there is an action script written in layer "Man". The action script at this frame will be the initial state of your parameters.(see Figure 7.2)
Figure 7.2
Don't worry about those parameters shown in the Figure, I will just guide you the needed parameters we are to use next.
Figure 7.3
In Figure 7.3, you can see that I put frame labels "gameon" and "over" on frame 5 and 16, respectively, on layer "command". At "gameon" frame label, we will start game at this frame until frame 15(you can see the action script at frame 15 which I will explain later) and it will loop back to frame "gameon" over and over. We won't actually need frame label "over" right now but I will explain it here anyway. Later on, you will have your character life bar which refers to your character life. When it reaches zero, your character die. Yeah, the game will have to jump to "over" frame name and will be playing until frame 20(you can see the action script at frame 20) and it will loop back to frame "over" again and again.

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