Muay Thai Flash Game Making

August 29, 2011                                                                            

Wonder how to make a side-scrolling game on Macromedia Flash?
In this blog, I will show you how to make games that I made long time ago. It's Muay Thai 1 & 2.

Figure1.1: Muay Thai 1

Figure1.2: Muay Thai 2
You can play the games here.

Muay Thai 1  <-- Click


Muay Thai 2  <-- Click

Let's get started.

First you need the Macromedia Flash program (I used Macromedia Flash 8). I supposed you all have the program.

We will follow the outline below.

  • Preloader
  • Parameters
  • Characters 
  • Testing  your character movement
  • AI (Artificial Intelligence)
  • Hit Test
  • Scenes and Backgrounds
  • Testing your game

I am not an expert on action script, so I did not do fancy codes in the game. I just play it by ear. Actually, I prefer to animate. Before I made these games, I created some Flash animations and post some of them on which is the biggest website to those who like to show their works on Flash. Then I realized that it's too much work to do on drawing. People will just watch my movie once unless it's really a good Flash. I think it's not worth it for my time that I wasted on animating my movies. I want people to see my animations over and over. So, making games is my solution since it will be looping for each movement of each character in a game. It must be worth it to animate for games ;)



  1. Thank you Chuanasa . Your game is so cool.I will do it by you teach.

  2. thank u man, u rock u the best. I wanna ask u, how do u draw u'r chars......


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  4. You are the best, this is the best flash game by far. God bless you!

  5. Hey Dude u made really good job .
    can u plz teach me how can i play with Mr.In and all the characters in muay thai 1 ??? its will be very helpful because i wanna test Mr.In (He looks AWESOME) !!!!

  6. ever thought about making a game for steam?